Design Build

Architects are brilliant! They are highly trained designers who demand equally high rates. They are thoughtful and creative, but they don’t actually BUILD HOUSES. Much gets lost in the translation between the architect’s vision, building codes, and what is actually functional (and possible) in a home.

Paragon Partners offers complete design build services to:

Save you money

  • Design Builder drawings are more affordable than a sole architect.
  • Design feasibility corrections cost time (renting or paying a second mortgage during a build can get expensive!).
  • It is advantageous for us to build a home we designed, we pass that savings onto you.

Save you time

  • Our designers are also builders so we are current on code and feasibility – less rework.
  • From design to build, you will have ONE TEAM who works together.
  • Any design questions or changes are handled immediately. No more waiting for returned calls from someone who has long since moved on to their next project!

Save you headache

  • You will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who works directly with our in-house designer from project inception to completion.
  • Because of the Project Manager’s involvement from the beginning, they understand your vision and have the skills to make it happen.
  • When you choose a Design Builder, you choose piece of mind. One company takes great care to design something they know how to build. No finger pointing at the end of your project because errors are not an option. The only option is FULL ACCOUNTABILTY.

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