The difference between a planned remodel and a restoration loss is chaos.

“If I was home, this wouldn’t have happened!”

“My roof damage was so bad, it ruined stuff in my house. Now I have two claims going! Who has time for this?”

“My in-laws are coming in 2 weeks, this is the worst timing”

Insurance losses:

  • Are unforeseen expenses that hit your budget.
  • Disrupt your routine and make things harder in your daily life.
  • Take your time from your family and the fun you could be having.

We understand this, click on ABOUT US to read our own personal loss stories.

Paragon Partners has redesigned the way insurance claims are handled so you can take the chaos out of restoration:

In-House Adjuster reviews every claim:

  • Your insurance adjuster is busy (*especially during big hail storms) and may have missed something that will cost you money and time. We have a former insurance adjuster on our staff who reviews every claim and makes sure every nail and screw is covered by your policy. We are well versed in submitting supplements and getting every dollar you deserve.

Dedicated Project Manager:

  • You are assigned a Project Manager who will facilitate all aspects of your restoration. This person is on site and in constant communication with your adjuster so you can go to work and live your life.
  • Every business says ‘we have the best service’ – but don’t take our word for it. Check out our TESTOMONIALS page to read what customers are saying!

Customized Experience:

  • You determine daily or weekly updates and how you receive them.
  • Each paint color, product number, and material is recorded and delivered to you in a personalized House Book for your future reference.
  • If you have a tile person, plumber, etc that you prefer, we will work with them to make sure your work is done to the Paragon standard.

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