Paragon Partners was formed by two partners having two very different personal experiences in their own restoration losses.
Long before Scott was in the insurance and construction industry, he suffered a small loss at his home. He didnt know the work would be covered by his insurance company and paid for it out of pocket. He also didnt know that he could hire a general contractor who would take care of the job from start to finish. He ended up running his own project! This small loss resulted in a BIG headache; he lost time at work, didnt feel confident in the repairs, and had strain on his relationship because of the stress.

A few years later, he plunged into his new career as a construction project manager and realized how he had gone wrong and missed out. Hes carried this lesson with him on every job to make sure his customers have a completely cared for experience that he wishes he would have had.

David also experienced a loss at his home ages ago before he was a general contractor. However, he did file a claim and had an entirely different set of issues. He played the insurance run around game, spent countless hours on the phone with adjusters, late or no-show tradespeople, and a contractor who couldnt be trusted. He was just beginning his path in the trades so he had some idea that there had to be a better way to do this kind of work. This experience gave David insight and helped create the Paragon experience you have today.
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