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This window is a classic style with an operating bottom sash and stationary top sash. Flexible design options like wood species and stains assist with historical accuracy. The Ultimate Wood Single Hung is ideal for renovation projects where a wood exterior is needed to match original architectural details, while features like wash mode for easy cleaning provide modern convenience.

Product Features:

  • Available in heights up to 8 feet or widths up to 4 feet
  • Multiple design options and woods available to match historical aesthetics and design requirements
  • Also available as a round top, double hung, stationary transom or picture window
  • Marvins unique wash mode allows cleaning of both sides of glass from indoors
  • Available with IZ3 coastal/hurricane certification
  • CE certified


Exterior Finish

For projects that call for the natural or historic beauty of wood exteriors, we offer a selection of high-quality exterior wood options, including Pine, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir, Mahogany and Primed Pine.



Vertical Grain Douglas Fir

Western Red Cedar**

*Finish samples are approximate and colors on screen can vary. Visit your local retailer to see actual color samples.
**Western Red Cedar is available as a trim package option

Interior Finish

Meet your design vision with natural, stained or painted wood. With Marvin factory-applied interior finishes, you can order beautifully finished windows and doors that are ready to install the day they arrive to save valuable time on the job site.

Wood Options

Choose from a selection of high-quality standard wood options, including Pine, Mahogany, and Vertical Grain Douglas Fir.

Honduran Mahogany


Vertical Grain Douglas Fir

*Wood is a product of nature and will vary in color, texture and grain. Wood options shown are to demonstrate the approximate look of each species only, and stain samples are shown on Pine. Photos are not intended to reflect a product's interior or exterior profile.

Stained Wood

When compared to painting or staining on the job site, factory-stained finishes offer consistent quality and performance resulting from our expertise with wood as a material and years of perfecting our staining process.

Every piece of wood receives even coats of conditioning and stain, two coats of clear finish, and is sanded and baked twice in an oven before your window or door is built to create a consistent, durable and high-quality finish that brings out the natural beauty, texture, and grain of the wood. Our stained wood products meet industry standards and arrive ready to install.


Clear Coat






*Stain and clear coat is available on all offered interior wood species.

Painted Wood

Painting on the job site or scheduling off-site finishing is an extra step that takes time and coordination. Choose our primed white or white painted interior finish option on any Marvin pine windows and doors with a wood exterior, or an additional designer black paint option for products with an aluminum clad exterior. Your windows and doors will arrive factory-painted and ready to install.

You can count on consistency with our process, as every piece of wood receives a coat of prime and is sanded before being painted. The paint is baked twice in an oven before your window or door is built to create a consistent, durable and high-quality painted finish that performs to the industry standard.

Designer Black**

Primed White


*Finish samples are approximate and colors on screen can vary. Visit your local dealer to see actual color samples.
**Black only available on clad.

Sticking Options

The interior edge detail where glazing meets wood is called sticking, sometimes referenced as bead. Ogee and Ovolo sticking offer a more traditional profile, and square sticking can be specified for a clean, crisp, more contemporary look.
*Not all sticking styles are available on every product. Ask your window and door dealer for specifics. Square sticking shown here on a casement window


Marvin hardware is far more than functional its engineered to be both durable and elegant. From traditional to contemporary, our hardware comes in a variety of architectural styles and finishes to meet your aesthetic needs and design goals. Its designed for effortless operation even at large sizes and is built to last, with optional PVD finishes for door hardware to resist fading and discoloration in even the harshest environments.
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Sash Lock

*Hardware styles shown are available in all finish options below.


Satin Taupe

Satin Chrome

Polished Chrome

Satin Nickel

Antique Brass



Oil Rubbed Bronze


*Hardware finish samples are approximate. Please visit your local Marvin dealer to see hardware finish samples. Crank Handle is available in select finishes.


A variety of decorative glass options are available to meet the unique needs of each project, and laminated glazing is also available in clear, bronze, gray, or green with tinted interlayers.

Bronze Tint

Gray Tint

Green Tint





Glue Chip


Narrow Reed

Obscure Tint




V Groove

White Laminated

*Not all decorative glass is compatible with all products. Check with your dealer for a recommendation on which glass is right for your project. Images may not be an accurate representation.

Energy Efficiency

Glass is an important aspect for managing the energy efficiency of your home. Our standard glazing is dual pane: two panes of glass with Low E coatings and argon insulating gas. We offer variations to help meet climate and code requirements across the country, described in more detail on our glass page.

Specialty Glass Options

Our specialty glass options include glass for unique project needs like sound management (STC/OITC), high altitudes, Sea Turtle Conservation Codes and California fire zones. We also offer laminated glass in products designed specifically for hurricane zones.


When fresh air flow is a priority, multiple screen options are available to keep insects and debris at bay. Choose a standard full or half screen with an aluminum surround in multiple finishes. An optional wood screen that can be painted or stained to match is available on select all-wood windows.

Full Screen Aluminum Surround

Storm Screen Combo

Two Lite Storm Sash Screen

Wood Energy Panel


A variety of mesh colors and materials are available to achieve the look your project needs.

Black Aluminum

Bright Aluminum

Bright Bronze

Charcoal Aluminum

Charcoal Fiberglass

Charcoal High Transparency

Divided Lites

The look of multiple, individual panes of glass in a window sash is popular in a wide range of architectural styles from historic replications to modern farmhouses. Simulated divided lites, available in a number of different styles, mimic the look of individual panes of glass in a window sash without sacrificing the energy efficiency of a single pane of glass. For true historical accuracy, authentic divided lites utilize individual glass panes, and are available as a custom order on select all-wood windows.
Paragon Partners Images

Authentic Divided Lite (ADL) Separate pieces of glass are glazed between muntin bars the way windows have been made since the beginning but with Marvin's updated design to increase energy efficiency.

Paragon Partners Images

Grilles-between-the-Glass (GBGs) Grilles are permanently installed between the glass panes for a low-maintenance, smooth exterior and easy cleaning. Choose from 13 exterior colors and 4 interior colors.

Paragon Partners Images

Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) An energy-efficient way to create the look of authentic divided lites, SDL bars are permanently adhered to both sides of the glass and are available with or without a spacer bar installed between the glass to create even more depth that resembles an ADL.

Paragon Partners Images

Simulated Divided Lite with Spacer Bar (SDLS) Paired with SDL bars on the exterior of the glass, a spacer bar is installed between the glass, creating an even closer match to the Authentic Divided Lite look.



Top Sash Rectangular

Top Sash Cottage

Prairie 9 Top and Bottom

Prairie 9 Top Only

Top Sash Rectangular Bottom Sash Rectangular

Custom Pattern

Custom Pattern

Custom Pattern

Custom Pattern

Custom Pattern

*These are some of our most frequently-requested divided-lite patterns.


An instant boost to curb appeal, optional exterior casing adds architectural detail and character to the profile of your home. Factory-applied casing saves time on the job-site, with beauty and durability that lasts. Exterior casings, optional at the time of order, are available in extruded aluminum and are factory-finished with with the same AMMA 2605 finish and paint as the clad exterior for a perfect match.

Brick Mould









Choose from six extruded aluminum subsill options to best match your sill thickness and depth with your casing and window style. Custom clad subsills ideal for historical matching are also available.







*Due to the variety of possible combinations of casings and subsills, special dimensional considerations for installation methods are required. Contact your local Marvin retailer when specifying casing and subsill combinations.


Our shades look like part of the window, with no visible cords or pulleys. Choose from 15 fabric colors, including five options available in blackout fabric. An optional matching cover to hide shades when not in use can be stained or painted to match your interior finishes.
















*Blackout fabric available in Eggshell, Ivory, Stone, Tan and White.

Home Automation

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The Marvin Lock Status Sensor brings smart home capabilities to Marvin windows and doors. This affordable solution is installed in the factory and fully concealed meaning no unsightly sensors attached on the exterior or interior, and no additional modification of your product once installed. The sensor can be wired or wirelessly connected, working in tandem with your smart home security system to indicate if windows and doors are closed and locked or unlocked, providing peace of mind when security is a concern.

Coastal Performance

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Marvin offers windows and doors specifically designed for the requirements of coastal and impact zone construction. From Noreasters on the Cape to hurricanes down South that bring extreme rain, salt, and wind, the windows and doors you choose are critical and can help preserve a home's structural seal. Our hurricane-rated product options are certified for energy efficiency and rigorously tested by third party agencies to meet or exceed the most stringent coastal codes.

Learn more about Marvin's Coastal Solutions that help protect the longevity of your product and the structural integrity of your home.

Window Opening Control Devices

Window screens are only intended to keep bugs out, not prevent a potential fall, so we offer Window Opening Control Devices that meet standards created to assist in the prevention of window falls in children under five years old. The Marvin Window Opening Control Device limits window opening to 4 or less when the sash is opened. The device may be disengaged, allowing for further operation to full opening for cleaning or egress and automatically re-engages when the sash is fully closed.

*This device is offered in finishes to match all hardware in the Ultimate product line.

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