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What Color Siding is Most Helpful When You Sell Your Home?

Has the time come to sell your home? "While there are many decisions that can have a large impact on the market value of your home, the color of your home's siding ranks high on this list," says a Stapleton Roof Repair and exteriors pro. Anyone who thinks that siding color does not matter in the world of real estate is sadly mistaken.

Think about it, your siding is the very first thing that every potential buyer is going to see, well, that and probably your roof. They might require you to lower your asking price or just walk away from the sale entirely. Neutral earth tones and soft color shades are the safest bet and are attractive to most potential buyers.

Remember that first impressions often go a long way... the color of your siding can make or break the deal FAST!!

How to Select the Best Color for Your Home

When you are ready to update the siding on your home your local Stapleton Roofer hasplenty of options for you to choose from the top producers in the industry. While it is easy to choose a color that you like, remember that you are not staying in the home so you must ask yourself if your first choice is a color that will appeal to a broad group of people? Another noteworthy thing to do is take a look around at the other houses in your neighborhood, and particularly on your street. Making a statement is not a bad thing by any means, BUT, sticking with like color schemes to the surrounding houses in your neighborhood will boost your curb appeal.

Also, if you live in a community that is managed by an HOA, be sure to check their requirements before you get started. Some HOA's will allow you to install a different color but you must obtain approval with them first.

Sell Your Home Quicker With Beautiful New Siding from Paragon Partners

If you think your home needs new siding, turn to the trusted professionals at Paragon. If you would like more information about our vinyl siding products or you would like to schedule an in-home inspection and estimate get in touch with us today.

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October 2, 2019
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