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Owning a home is a large responsibility but it can also be very rewarding and lucrative when you take proper care of it, especially in the Colorado housing market. That said, when you have damage to your roof it puts your entire home and belongings below it at risk, so having a?Commerce City Roof Repair pro you can trust is a critical part of maintaining your home as best as possible!

If you have lived on the Front Range for a few years or more, then you are certainly aware of how the weather can affect our daily life, but you may not recognize the impact that it can also have on your roof and the exterior of your home. Hail storms are our most common form of roof damage but it is frequently not noticed from the ground, so for proper inspection, it is best to get up on the roof for a birds-eye view to really see the full effects. However, there are some clues you can look for such as:

  • Shingle granules in the runoff area from your gutters downspouts.

  • Loose or lifted shingles (probably allowing moisture beneath them when wind-driven rain and hail occurs).

  • Blown off shingles scattered around your yard.

  • Cracked or broken skylights.

When it comes to roof damage, we understand there are a lot of mysteries that surround it and the telltale signs to look for. This is why the NRCA suggests having your roof examined by a licensed professional twice a year, ideally in the spring and the fall as a precautionary measure. At the minimum, you should have this done once a year by a licensed and insured roofing contractor. Think of it as a yearly health check-up for your home.

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